All You Need to Know about eBay feedback Part I

ebay feedbackIf you have ever dealt with eBay marketplace, then you already know one of the most useful features for checking eBay users reputation is eBay Feedback System. To leave your feedback to the user after each transaction is a rule of a thumb. eBay buyers and sellers exchange their impressions, which are available to other eBay members and help them to make the right decision, concerning sellers professionalism and trustworthiness of eBay buyers.

In these series of “How to” articles we would like to describe the main principles of eBay feedback system, draw your attention to the facts you should know about eBay feedbacks and how to leave them with comobuy software for eBay buyers and comosale software for eBay sellers.

What you should know about feedbacks on eBay:

  • First of all, to buy, sell or to leave a feedback on eBay, you must be a registered eBay user.
  • eBay sellers can leave only positive feedbacks to the customers.
  • eBay user rating is based on the feedbacks, left by his trading partners during the last 12 months. Thus, if after the registration, you have 5 positive feedbacks, your rating will be 5, but if in the following year you won’t have any feedbacks, slowly your rating will come to zero, though positive feedbacks still remain.
  • If during the week you leave more than one feedback to eBay user, his rating won’t be changed more than to one point, in order to prevent cheating.
  • If the user account is blocked for violation of the eBay user agreement, all the neutral and negative feedbacks, left by him, will be removed.
  • Leaving feedbacks on eBay is of your own accord and, if someone has sent one to you, you’re not obliged to rate this user.
  • Unfortunately, you can not change or delete your sent feedback, with rare exceptions. So, leaving it, be honest and objective.
  • Usually, the high rating of eBay user is a good sign, but making a transaction take time to read feedbacks left by other customers or sellers.
  • Make sure there is no other way out to solve the problem, before leaving negative or neutral feedback. Do not hesitate to contact your trading partner in case of any questions.
  • Feedback can be left no later than 60 days after eBay transaction is completed.
  • You can always add your comment to already left feedback on eBay – “Follow-up Comment”, which will be visible to other eBay users.
  • In addition to the feedback, eBay seller is also evaluated by means of the “Detailed Seller Ratings”, where every eBay buyer puts his estimate in 4 categories: item compliance with the product description, communication, delivery speed, the cost of packing and shipping.
  • Any eBay user can hide his feedbacks, make them private (Private Feedback Profile), and the others will see only his eBay rating. However, such eBay user can not list items for sale.
  • Once eBay user rating rises up to 10, next to his nickname appears the “yellow star” icon to inform other eBay members about his reliability. With the rating growth, the color of the star changes as well.
  • The eBay seller may send a special request to the buyer for changing a feedback, if he considers it to be unfair, finds any inaccuracy in it or if there is an error. The number of requests for changing feedbacks is limited. And it’s up to the user, whether to change it or not. In order to send this request, just go to your eBay account, in the “Account” tab choose “Feedback” and then follow the “Request Feedback Revision” link.
  • If there appear too many negative feedbacks, for beginners it is only two or three, then the eBay account will be blocked

How eBay feedbacks are counted?

Each eBay user has his personal rating on eBay, which is visible to all eBay members. When you register, your rating is equal to “0″. According to your feedbacks and rating, other users decide whether to deal with you or not.

Let’s have a look at the example below.

The first is a star, that indicates the number of eBay feedbacks. Then we see the eBay seller’s rating (Feedback Score). In this case it is “2517.” In parentheses, we see the quality of these very feedbacks (positive rating). Currently this user feedbacks are positive to 99.6%.

Every eBay user knows how important feedbacks are. In the next article, “How to feedback on eBay? Part II” we will give more detailed information about eBay feedbacks and describe how to leave feedbacks with comobuy and comosale solutions for eBay. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more! Follow the updates!

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