How to buy on eBay? Part I

Cheap and effective shopping on eBay: is it a dream? No! It is reality. Are you looking for a designer sofa, dishwasher or a children’s book? All this and even more you can find on eBay. Millions of people all over the world do not imagine their life without it.  Buying on eBay is the most fascinating thing but, at the same time, it is quite difficult to grasp the process, if you’re a newbie. We start a series of articles entitled “How to buy on eBay”. Today we are going to speak about basic principles of how to buy on eBay and make the most of it. Use following advices and your dreams will come true!

1. Searching for the item: how to do it quickly and effectively?

  • To start a search enter 2 or 3 descriptive words about the product or, if you know what exactly item you are looking for, enter  the item number into a search box. It will give you an exact match and save you from scrolling through lots of results.
  • Not sure what to buy? Browse! Click through categories and lists of items until you find something you’re interested in.
  • Refine your search and save your time! Limit search results by choosing the condition of the item, price you are willing to pay for it, shipping and handling etc. For example, you can search only for new or antique books that cost no more than 14 dollars.
  • Wrong spelled products attract fewer bids because many don’t see them. Often people mis-spell their eBay entries, thus, you can find the exact and exquisite thing you’re “hunting” for, trying different variants of the word.
  • If you found the item you are interested in, add it to your Watch list or use “view similar items” option to compare prices, to find another seller or simply to view similar search results. So you can buy the thing you need even cheaper!

2. Found the item? Study it!

Read the item description carefully to make sure that this is exactly what you are looking for. Choose similar variants, study them carefully, paying special attention to the price, seller’s Feedback, shipping and payment methods.

It is better to use PayPal, while most eBay buyers and sellers prefer this payment method. Moreover, if there is some problem with the item you can open a dispute on eBay or claim on PayPal and get your money back. In case, when you pay by a credit card, receiving a refund is fully depends upon the seller and no guarantees can be given.

One more trick is to pay special attention to shipping and handling charges. If you’re not attentive, it can really boost the cost of the item. E-mail the seller to get more detailed information.

You can shop on eBay not only for yourself but also for you relatives and friends! Shipping will cost you twice or even more cheaper. The more you buy, the less you pay for it!

Keep up with the latest online store news about the sales. You can buy brand clothes at a surprisingly big discount.

It goes without saying that before purchasing it is essential to study the offer. In the I Part we’ve highlighted the main ideas and tricks of how to do it. But it’s only the beginnig and there more to be learned. What is better to buy or to bid on eBay and what is the difference read in “How to buy on eBay?”  Part II. More interesting secrets and eBay tips. Don’t miss the chance to become a professional eBay buyer!

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